Ferrazz Hair NYC
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Great hair starts here.



Hair is an important expression of the individual. It is the personality that is carried inside, wanting to be seen. Hair not only helps us feel great, it helps us define ourselves.

 ~ Ferrazz


I just love my hair, it is that simple.

- Jeanette Bronée






                 " Ferrazz styles my extensions just how I like it! I only let Ferrazz touch my hair. Seriously."

- Tiana



Great hair starts with a great hair-cut. Your self-expression might include color or a high-light. And sometimes your hair needs an extra treat, like a mask. Curly or straight, short or long, fuzzy or not, your hair and you will feel better, look better and live better.  Maybe that sounds like a big promise, but hair should fit your lifestyle and that is my goal.



Womens        $115-150

Mens                $90-115

Blow-Out         $65-85

Hair-Masks     $35-55

Hair Extensions (Price upon Consultation)



Single Color $115-150

Hi-Lights Fullhead $225

Hi-Lights Partial $175

Double-process $225-$400