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Great hair starts here.



Hair is an important expression of the individual. It is the personality that is carried inside, wanting to be seen. Hair not only helps us feel great, it helps us define ourselves.

Peace and Love,



I just love my hair, it is that simple.

- Jeanette Bronée




 “Ferrazz has been cutting my hair since I was a kid. He's always done a fantastic cut and saved my hair when I over processed it with at home hair dyes and it started falling out. Highly recommend.”

- Melissa

“Ferrazz is a very talented hair dresser and business owner. I have been a loyal customer for the past 3 years. My hair never looked better and I will keep coming back for as long as he is in business. I would recommend Ferrazz to all of my friends and neighbors. You will have a great experience and walk out looking and feeling beautiful.”

- Julia

“I was lucky enough to meet Ferraz on a remote island in Indonesia where he was on a surf trip and fortunately traveling with his scissors. Sitting on the veranda, staring out at the ocean, I received one of the best hair cuts of my life! I can only imagine what a spectacular job he does when he has access to all the amenities at his salon. I can't believe he was on vacation and brought his scissors so he could still work ! Talk about a true passion and love for what you do! Thank you Ferraz. I hope I'm lucky enough to get another hair cut by you one day. Safe travels my friend !”

- Amy’s Place Sumatra

“I only let the one and only Ferrazz cut my hair! He is the only one who knows how to add layers to my long hair. I have been going to him since his salon in Hoboken and now his new location in NYC is just amazing! I recommend him to everyone who has and is looking for a great stylist that KNOWS how to make magic with your hair!”

- Natalie

“Ferrazz gave me the best hair cut i've ever had! I'm not even exaggerating! After every hair cut I always go home and restyle because no one gets what i'm looking for. I thought getting mediocre haircuts was just something that would forever happen to me no matter how expensive it was. Well that changed with Ferrazz!” “ 

- Angela



Great hair starts with a great hair-cut. Your self-expression might include color or a high-light. And sometimes your hair needs an extra treat, like a mask. Curly or straight, short or long, fuzzy or not, your hair and you will feel better, look better and live better.  Maybe that sounds like a big promise, but hair should fit your lifestyle and that is my goal.



Womens        $115-150

Mens                $90-115

Blow-Out         $65-85

Hair-Masks     $35-55

Hair Extensions (Price upon Consultation)



Single Color $115-150

Hi-Lights Fullhead $225

Hi-Lights Partial $175

Double-process $225-$400